St. Stephen Couple Growing Their Music Business

Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 10:14 AM

A St. Stephen couple is aiming to help local musicians with a new store on King Street.

Long-time residents Greg and Catrina Jackson will have a soft opening of High Tides Music on Thursday, July 12th, and a grand opening in the coming weeks.

The couple has spent the past three years running The Vinyl Barn from their home in Basswood Ridge, which was strictly just records, and they wanted to grow from that and become a well-rounded music store.

Greg Jackson tells us he's had great feedback from the community so far, "We've got all kinds of people really excited to be able to get music accessories and instruments locally, rather than trying to go to the city. There is a lot of musical talent around Charlotte County, so I think we need that." He says they may not be able to stock instruments daily, but they are able to order from a catalogue and receive instruments very quickly.

Jackson says on top of selling records, they also have tapes, CD's, musical accessories, clothing, and even a head shop. He tells us the head shop is in the back of the store, away from the general public area in the front where the music is kept.

He adds they are now reaching out to local musicians. Jackson says they would like to get feedback on what instrument accessories they should have in stock, as well as reach out to any musicians who would like to sell their CD's in store.

You can reach Jackson through the High Tides Music Facebook page, or visit the store on King Street in St. Stephen.